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Optimize Google My Business

How To Optimize Google My Business To Drive More Leads

Google My Business is a free tool that directly impacts local SEO. If you want that your company information to be prominently and accurately displayed on Google Maps, for instance, then your business listing must be…
Tips For Creating SEO Content

Tips For Creating Your Best SEO Content

Search engine optimization is not new, almost everyone is aware of the undoubted important role that content plays in marketing your business online. Well-optimized content always gets higher ranking. It also drives relevant traffic which…
SEO campaign to achieve top rankings

How To Design Your SEO Campaign To Achieve Top Rankings

The top search result on the first page of google gets more then 30% CTR. This is higher than the other results on the same page of Google. If you want to reach on the…
Structured data SEO

What Is Structured Data and Why It Is Important For SEO

When you create a web page, search engine, that is mostly Google for us, crawls every bit of text on it so it can index the page in its search results. However, there are certain…
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