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SEO and Covid 19

Why Should we Not Stop during Corona Virus?

The rise of Corona virus has lead to drastic changes across the world. The situation throughout is pretty unpleasant, with most of the industrial hubs shutting down, stock markets going down, economies collapsing, but this…
Wordpress website builders

5 Of The Best WordPress Website Builders 2020

More than 40% of all websites are built on WordPress, such is the demand and convenience of working on WordPress. “Just another WordPress website” has a nice ring to it, I mean people back at…
Google Bert

The Latest Google Algorithm AI Update: BERT

Remember the time when Google unleashed RankBrain and everything went up into a storm? Well, guess what? Google has launched another major AI algorithm update that is about to change how Google will rank website…
SEO trends 2020

11 SEO Trends To Follow In The Year 2020

What is SEO writing and why is it important? SEO writing or Search engine optimization writing is a type of writing that allows websites to be more visible to people. When someone searches types in…
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